Servicing Australian businesses for over a decade…

Securing your assets in an increasingly dynamic environment…

Driving efficiencies and productivity through collaboration and unified communication solutions…

Integrating mission critical systems…

Building robust and scalable networks to support changing business needs…

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Unified Communications


Foundation Networking

IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging and Presence. Allowing your organisation to collaborate seamlessly.

Our engineers specialise in a variety of technologies to ensure we can offer you state of the art security and intrusion detection/prevention.

Building and supporting flexible ICT solutions to drive efficiency and productivity.

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Data Centre

Alerting & Messaging

Wireless Networking

Advanced Data Centre solutions to provide scalability, redundancy and flexibility through public, private or hybrid solutions.

ArchiTech has a wide range of Critical Alerting & Messaging solutions.

Mobility and connectivity on the go is critical in today's world. ArchiTech offer a large variety of wireless solutions to keep your users connected.

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